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Chaparral Steel Supply Inc.


Your One-Stop Shop

Let Chaparral Steel Supply be your one-stop shop for your metal roofing and construction needs.  We supply quality metal building and roofing components for both commercial and residential applications. We carry many different sizes of R-Panels in an array of colors to choose from. We take pride in offering quality products at affordable pricing. Our customers always come first. No order is too small.

We also stock the following items for your convenience:

  • Closure Strips
  • Fasteners
  • Pipe Flashing

  • Purlins
  • Rectangular, Round and Square Tubing

  • Sealants (Tape/Titebond)
  • Skylight Panels
  • Trim


R-Panel / Max-rib

C Purlin - 3"   4"   6"   8"

*Lengths 20' - 30'

Rectangular Tubing, Square Tubing 

A36 Red Oxide

Inside / Outside enclosures 

Self Drillers            1-1/4"

Woodgrip screws   1-1/2"

Lap Screws           5/8"

A36 Flat Bar , Angle , Channel